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Privacy Policy

Please carefully read and understand the Privacy Policy before using MindSpore and other services on this website.

To ensure the proper running of MindSpore and provide better services for you, we will collect the following personal data:

  1. You can subscribe to the latest MindSpore news on this website. To fulfill the business function, you need to agree us to collect and use your personal and sensitive personal information, including your email address.

  2. To participate in community development, you need to sign the Contribution License Agreement (CLA), which contains the following personal information:

    • Your name or account
    • Your address
    • Your email address
    • Your phone number
    • Your fax number
    • Your ID on Gitee
  3. The community provides a mailing list for developers to communicate and collaborate with each other. When you join a mailing list, we will collect your email address.

  4. To learn about the running status of the MindSpore community, we will collect your information when you access the website, including but not limited to your IP address, browser type, used language, access date and time, software and hardware features, web page you accessed, device model, device identity code, operating system, resolution, telecom carrier, and download clicks.

Your information is securely saved and protected. Protection methods include, but are not limited to, data encryption.

MindSpore does not share, transfer, or disclose your information without your prior consent unless otherwise required by laws and regulations.

According to applicable laws and regulations, you may have rights to access, modify, delete, deny, limit, or transfer the above information. To exercise your rights, contact us through the contact information provided in this document.

The above information is stored in the People’s Republic of China.

You must ensure that your use of MindSpore is in compliance with laws and regulations. MindSpore only provides the standard service upon your request and is not responsible for the legal compliance of your use.

You understand that the preceding information is mandatory for providing services. If you do not provide or disallow us to collect and use the above information, we will not be able to provide the services.

How do we use cookies?

To ensure the normal operation of our website, sometimes we may store small data files named cookies on computers or portable devices. A cookie is a text-only file stored on computers or mobile devices by network servers. The content of a cookie can only be retrieved or read by the server that created it. Each cookie is unique to your web browser or mobile application. Cookies usually contain identifiers, site names, and some numbers and characters. Websites can store data about user preferences and other information using cookies.

MindSpore enables cookies for the same purposes of most website or Internet service providers, that is, to improve user experience. Specifically, the purposes are as follows:

  1. Saving settings With cookies, the website can save settings, such as search result records, to acquire returned search results and optimize browser services.

  2. Authentication When you visit this website, a unique ID is generated to identify you. If the website does not use cookies with the authentication function, it will consider its users as new visitors each time they visit the website. For example, if you log in to the website and switch to another web page, the website will no longer recognize you and you will be regarded as a new visitor.

Other third parties, such as Google and Baidu, will set cookies on our websites. They use these cookies to receive IP addresses, information about your browser configurations, and access information, but do not collect your personal identity information. In this way, they can learn how you interact with the website. You can visit the websites of the third parties to learn how they use cookies.

You can manage or delete cookies based on your preferences. For details, see AboutCookies. You can clear all cookies stored on your computer, and most web browsers can be configured to block cookies. However, if you do so, you may have to manually change your user settings every time you visit our website.

If you have any questions, contact us at contact@mindspore.cn.

Last update: March, 2020