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Legal Statement

Rules and Conditions for Accessing the Website of MindSpore Open Source Project

[MindSpore open source project website] is operated by MindSpore open source project. Its domain name is https://www.mindspore.cn. The following rules apply to all visitors or users accessing this website. MindSpore open source project may, without notice to you, at any time revise these terms according to laws, regulations, and market changes. The right to access this website is authorized by MindSpore open source project according to the following terms. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use this website. Your use of services provided by https://www.mindspore.cn will be deemed as your acknowledgment of the whole Statement. MindSpore open source project has the right to take legal and fair remedies for violations of these conditions.


Although MindSpore open source project has attempted to provide accurate information on the website (https://www.mindspore.cn), including but not limited to the texts, pictures, data, opinions, suggestions, web pages, and links, the project does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, fullness or reliability of these materials and content, and explicitly states that it does not take responsibility for errors or omissions in these data and content, or make any express or implied warranty on these materials and information, including but not limited to guarantee concerning relevant ownerships, free from infringement upon third-party rights, quality or computer viruses. MindSpore open source project may change the information on the website (https://www.mindspore.cn) at any time without notice. You shall periodically visit this website to obtain the latest version information. Mention of products or services that are not related to MindSpore open source project is for information purposes only and constitutes neither an endorsement nor a recommendation. MindSpore open source project does not provide any statement, guarantee or authorization for any of the products or services appearing on the website (https://www.mindspore.cn). All products and services are governed by the sales agreement of MindSpore open source project. Whereas some of the services provided on the website (https://www.mindspore.cn) are bulletin board system (BBS) service, the relevant information about or posted by its members on the website (including but not limited to usernames, company names, contact persons and details, related images and videos) is all provided by the members, who shall be full responsible for any information they provide. Any entity or individual who considers the content on the website (https://www.mindspore.cn) (including but not limited to the commodity information posted by the members of the website) suspected of infringing their legal interest shall make an infringement statement in writing to MindSpore open source project, together with their identification, ownership certification, particular URL and detailed proof of infringement. MindSpore open source project will remove the content alleged to be infringing by law upon receiving the foregoing legal document.


All materials and content on the website (https://www.mindspore.cn) are protected by law. Other than quotes from other sources, all copyrights belong to MindSpore open source project. Without a prior written permission of MindSpore open source project or other parties concerned, no person or organization shall reproduce, distribute, reprint, or play any content of this website (https://www.mindspore.cn) in any form; link to or transmit the content through hyperlinks; upload the content to other servers using the method of images; store the content in information retrieval systems; or use the content for any other commercial purposes. For non-commercial and personal use, the content of the website may be downloaded or printed on condition that the content is not modified and all rights statements are reserved.


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This website (https://www.mindspore.cn) may contain links to third party sites. Access to any other Internet site linked to this website is at the user’s own risk and MindSpore open source project is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any information, data, opinions, suggestions or statements made on these sites. MindSpore open source project provides these links merely as a convenience and the inclusion of such links does not imply an endorsement, recommendation, or advertisement.