MindSpore Hub API

MindSpore Hub is a pre-trained model application tool of the MindSpore ecosystem, serving as a channel for model developers and application developers.

mindspore_hub.load(name, *args, pretrained=True, force_reload=True, **kwargs)[source]

Load network with the given name.

  • name (str) – Uid or url of the network.

  • args (tuple) – Arguments for network initialization.

  • pretrained (bool) – Whether to load the pretrained model. Default: True.

  • force_reload (bool) – Whether to reload the network from url. Default: True.

  • kwargs (dict) – Keyword arguments for network initialization.


Cell, a network.


>>> net = mindspore_hub.load('mindspore/ascend/0.2/googlenet_v1_cifar10', 10, pretrained=True)